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The Archangel Gabriel

Divine Messages

St Gabriel Archangel
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Messenger of God, Angel of the Annunciation, bearer of the Last Trumpet. Seated at the left hand of God; ruler of the moon and beloved of all.

I am Gabriel; make of me what you will, but I am pure love.

Full name of Muse: St Gabriel the Archangel
Fandom: The Bible/Mythology

This version of Gabriel is not from The Prophecy, Constantine or any other specific fictional fandom, but is partly influenced by Biblical/mythological images and my own writing; my Gabriel takes many forms, male and female, but mostly chooses to manifest as an androgynous young albino man. He accepts all forms of consensual carnal affections as well as spiritual love, and brings a message of love and not of judgement, even if he must take a stand occasionally against both his God and Satan/Lucifer, his former fellow Archangel, to do so. His views and visions may differ sometimes from Biblical canon, as he follows his celestial heart and knows what he believes to be true. He has a tender heart and a warrior's spirit, and can be fierce when he needs to be though he prefers to be gentle. He contains both male and female within him, but manifests powerful feminine energy, bending but never breaking, believing that to yield to love's power can also be to show strength.

Disclaimer: This journal is for writing (mainly for the realmof_themuse community) and possible roleplay purposes, and is not intended to be the journal of a real person. The character is not owned by me. Inspiration is taken from various Biblical and New Age sources but the ficlets are my own work. Gabriel is a very real entity to his mun, but the stories within are fictional. This journal may contain adult content - minors and the shockable are advised to avoid any posts marked R or NC-17. It is not my intention to offend anybody, or disrespect anyone's religious or spiritual beliefs - anyone likely to be offended is advised not to read this journal. In past entries Gabe may have mentioned relationships with other biblical Muses, as they were relevant to my fics - if you have one of these characters, please feel free to disregard these old posts, as I don't want to appear to push relationships onto other players who may not welcome these.

Lately Gabriel has had a bit of a makeover and his character has taken a bit of a tougher exterior - in human form his PB is a young Johnny Winter. He's been cast down from Heaven for 100 years and now earns his living as a blues guitarist, performing under the name Gabe Angell.